Wine Cellar

A unique place where fine wines age

La Herradura

A unique design, the architecture of the wine cellar is shaped like a horseshoe, symbolizing the passion for purebred horses. As it is located on the hillside, the different fermentation vessels have a marked unevenness that allows the grapes and musts to be processed by gravity, limiting the use of water pumps and other equipment. This technique substantially prevents the risks of oxidation and it is softer on the tannins and helps protect the wine’s aromas and flavors.


Haras de Pirque strongly believes in the fundamentals of sustainability as one of the core values of the estate, both for the environment and for social responsibility.

For this reason, several projects have been developed aimed to achieve a sustainable and responsible production activity within the community, such as the organic farming of the vineyards, measuring carbon footprint and energy efficiency programs, promoting training and professional development of the workers, and marking labor and work security as one of the top priorities.

The estate is committed to a long-term vision that seeks to improve the quality oriented production standards, in a socially responsible environment for its workers and sustainable practices for the territory.